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To a dental career

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Indigo’s mission is simple: Train the very best dental assistants and administrators and guarantee them a great job with the Indigo Promise.

Here’s How We Do It

Curriculum designed by industry experts

Unique hybrid instruction that merges flexible online courses with in-person hands-on training sessions

The Indigo Network of dental offices provides externships
and job openings

Indigo is not like any other college or post-secondary school. We admit students to fill actual job openings for our Indigo Network of dental care providers. Based on the number of job openings available, we carefully select a class of students we believe will develop into outstanding professionals. Our combination of flexible online curriculum and hands-on training provides graduates with the skills our dental experts report are critical for the modern dental office. After 12 weeks of instruction, each student does an externship with an Indigo Network office to gain valuable real-world experience. Indigo guarantees full-time employment of its graduates with the Indigo Promise.

Our Programs


Indigo’s comprehensive Dental Assisting Course consists of 96 clinical hours, 120 online hours, and an externship in an Indigo Network office. This combination of hands-on learning and online education will set you apart. In addition to this training, you will also receive the following certifications: Basic Life Support, Dental Practice Act, Infection Control, and Radiation Safety. This comprehensive program is backed by the Indigo Promise.

Dental Administration

Indigo’s comprehensive Dental Administration Course consists of 64 hours of hands-on instruction in a small group setting and 80 hours online.  Students will learn Dentrix — the leading dental office management software — along with other operating systems used in the dental office. They will also set up simulated treatment plans and learn how to design and execute modern marketing plans. This comprehensive program is backed by our Indigo Promise.


The Indigo Difference

The Indigo Network + The Indigo Promise = The Indigo Difference

Everything we do at Indigo is shaped by the one question our students care about most — “How can I land a great job?” Unlike other schools, which are more focused on collecting tuition than preparing students for employment, we measure our success at Indigo based on how well you accomplish your end goal of finding a great job you enjoy. We accomplish this mission by leveraging the “Indigo Network” so that we keep the “Indigo Promise.”  Here's how it works:

The Indigo Network – leading local dental offices that support students in three critical ways:


Network offices help shape curriculum to make sure students contribute on day one of employment


Network offices host externships, providing students with critical real-world experience prior to graduation


Network offices post open positions — actual jobs — that are available for student application upon graduation

The Indigo Promise

We are so confident that Indigo is the best way to launch a great dental career that we back up our claim with the Indigo Promise. Simply put, we guarantee all graduating students a job offer within six months of graduation or Indigo will refund 50 percent of your tuition (a maximum of a $4,000 refund). The Indigo Promise is a powerful way for us to align our financial interests with our students.  No other school offers anything close to the Indigo Promise!

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Career College Comparison

Trad. College
Other Programs
Indigo Promise

Guaranteed employment within 6 months or 50% tuition refund

9/10 graduates are placed in a job before graduation

Aligned financial interests


Can Work During Program

Affordable Tuition



Graduate sooner, start earning a paycheck earlier.


Short Program (2-3 mo. vs. 8-12 mo.) + Externship

2-3 mo.

8-12 mo.

Based on Expert Feedback

Hybrid Teaching Approach (in-person and online)

Taught in Dental Offices (vs. classrooms)

Prepares Students to Contribute on Day One


Local Dental Office Help Shape Curriculum, Provide Externships, and Post Jobs


Small Class Sizes

Very Selective

Designed for Efficient and Effective Programs

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