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Train for a Career as a Dental Assistant

Indigo Career College has created a comprehensive Dental Assisting program requiring completion of 96 clinical hours, 120 online hours, and an externship.  This combination of hands-on clinical learning and online education far exceed industry standards and will set you apart in the competitive dental industry.

Professional Career
Take pride in your career as a dental professional
Enjoy the flexible hours, including free evenings and weekends, of a dental assistant
Growing Industry
19% job growth anticipated for dental assistants over
next decade.*
*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Safely Invest in Your Success

We're confident that our program and connections in the dental community make tuition a safe investment.
To prove it, we offer the "Indigo Promise":  If you don't receive a job offer within six months of graduation, we will refund half your tuition.

Tuition - $8,500

We believe in fair tuition and provide financing options (link) that allow all students to attend our programs. Our tuition is straightforward — there are no hidden costs or additional fees.

Tuition Includes:

Class Materials
Online Course
(120 hours)
Clinical Instruction
(96 hours)
Career Advisor
& Mentor
Coronal Polish CE & Pit and Fissure Sealant CE

We accept 6-10 students into each session of our Dental Assisting program.  
Our program is competitive and not all are accepted.  

Course Start Dates

January 31, 2021
Fresno Location
July 19, 2020
Danville Location
September 26, 2020
Saturday Class - Danville Location
NOVEMBER 1, 2020
Danville Location

Dental Assistant Job Description

Dental assistants perform many tasks, ranging from providing patient care and taking x-rays to recordkeeping and scheduling appointments. Their duties vary by state and with each dental office.

Dental assistants typically do the following:

  Ensure that patients feel comfortable

  Prepare patients and the work area for treatments and procedures

  Sterilize dental instruments

  Hand instruments to dentists during procedures

  Dry patients’ mouths using suction hoses and other equipment

  Instruct patients in proper oral hygiene

  Process x-rays and complete lab tasks, under the direction of a dentist

  Keep records of dental treatments

  Schedule patient appointments

  Work with patients on billing and payment

Assistants who perform lab tasks, such as taking impressions of a patient’s teeth, work under the direction of a dentist. They may prepare materials for dental impressions or to create temporary crowns.

Dental assistants are allowed to perform the following procedures:

  Coronal polishing

  Sealant application

  Fluoride application

  Topical anesthetic application

Coronal polishing, which means removing soft deposits such as plaque, gives teeth a cleaner appearance. In sealant application, a dental assistant paints a thin, plastic substance over teeth that seals out food particles and acid-producing bacteria to keep teeth from developing cavities. Fluoride application, in which fluoride is put directly on the teeth, is another anti-cavity measure. Some dental assistants may be qualified to apply topical anesthetic to an area of a patient’s mouth, temporarily numbing the area prior to a procedure. Each state regulates the scope of practice for dental assistants.

Work Environment

Almost all dental assistants work in dental offices. Most work full time. Dental assistants wear safety glasses, surgical masks, protective clothing, and gloves to protect themselves and patients from infectious diseases. They also must follow safety procedures to minimize risks associated with x-ray machines.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
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