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Indigo Network

Great Benefits. No obligations.

What is the Indigo Network?

Indigo’s mission is to train the very best dental assistants and administrators and place them in great dental offices. To accomplish this, Indigo partners closely with leading local dental offices to form the “Indigo Network.” Network offices get first access to students as volunteer externs, graduates for permanent employment, and alumni to fill in as temps when available.  Indigo Network members also provide vital feedback to ensure we continuously improve our curriculum and training programs and consistently improve student performance.

Are Indigo Network offices required to host externs or hire graduates?

No, there are no obligations or fees of any kind for joining the Indigo Network — only upside. That said, we've found that the more an office is involved, the better Indigo can help meet staffing goals. After students complete the first 8-12 weeks of training, we email Indigo Network offices to let them know that volunteer externs are available. Offices then responded if they are interested in hosting. It's that simple. Our students gain valuable real-world experience, and offices have a "trial period" before potential full-time employment. Indigo Network offices are also given access to student profiles near graduation and are invited to a pre-graduation meet-and-greet.  

Can my office host classes?

We hope so! We love to work with great offices. Indigo partners with leading local offices to provide training in real-world environments. Partner offices receive monetary benefits for hosting classes, which are held on evenings and weekends when offices aren't being used to serve patients. Partner offices may also encourage their best assistants and administrators to be part-time Indigo instructors, which helps these offices customize improved service, evaluate Indigo students as potential new team members, and improve staff retention. If you would like to learn more about becoming an Indigo partner office, email us at , and we’ll contact you soon.

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