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Programs Like No Other

Indigo is unlike any other college or post-secondary school.  Our priority is to train the very best dental assistants and office administrators, then help them land great jobs.  Because of this, we design each course with “the end in mind.”  This means we form class sizes based on actual job openings in the Indigo Network, only admit those students we think are capable of filling those positions, and then train them with all the skills our industry experts have identified as important for today’s modern offices.  We’re so confident Indigo graduates will land a great job that we offer the Indigo Promise.

In addition to our comprehensive Dental Assisting and Dental Administration Courses, Indigo also offers stand-alone Board-Certified Continuing Education (“CE”) classes. These classes enable students or staff to obtain the certificates needed to legally and capably provide various forms of patient care.  We also offer more advanced Registered Dental Assistant (“RDA”) certificates and an RDA exam preparation course. Here are the details:

Our Method

At Indigo Career College, we believe in the convenience of online learning and the value of in-person training, which is why we teach using a hybrid model. You will have weekly coursework online supplemented with weekly in-person training or clinical sessions, focused on the skills you learned during the week. This model provides you with critical repetitions in a fun and flexible environment. Our curriculum is designed, and taught, by industry experts who have identified the most critical skills necessary to succeed in these fields. We schedule the program in a way that allows you to easily transition from your current job or schooling into a new career path. The combination of in-person clinical training, led by highly-skilled and experienced dental assistants in an actual dental office, along with a guaranteed 4-week externship with a local dental office, ensures you graduate as a confident and effective dental assistant.


Indigo’s comprehensive Dental Assisting Course consists of 96 clinical hours, 120 online hours, and a 4-week externship in an Indigo Network office. This combination of hands-on clinical learning and online education far exceeds industry standards and will set you apart in the market. In addition to this training, you will also receive the following certifications: Basic Life Support, Dental Practice Act, Infection Control, and Radiation Safety. This comprehensive program is backed by the Indigo Promise.

Dental Administration

Indigo’s comprehensive Dental Administration Course consists of 64 hours of hands-on instruction in a small group setting and 80 hours online.  Students will learn Dentrix — the leading dental office management software — along with other operating systems used in the dental office. They will also set up simulated treatment plans and learn how to design and execute modern marketing plans. This comprehensive program is backed by our Indigo Promise.


Continuing Education

Most states, including California, require practicing dental assistants to obtain the following certifications to legally participate in basic patient care. If you need some of these, don’t fret, we offer stand-alone courses on a regular basis:


The BLS course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner.


California Dental Practice Act is approved by the Dental Board of California and adheres to California Code of Regulations 1600, providing instruction on violations of the Act and statutory mandates relating to the dental practice.

Infection Control

This course includes infection prevention and control practices, the chain of infection, standard and transmission-based precautions, barriers and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and strategies for preventing the spread of infectious disease to healthcare workers and patients.

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety course's primary purpose providing theory and clinical application in radiographic techniques. This course is Dental Board Approved.  After completing this course, graduates will earn a certificate of Radiation Safety.


We also offer the following CE courses covering more advanced Registered Dental Assistant (“RDA”) skills:

Pit and Fissure Sealants

The Pit and Fissure Sealants course is a Dental Board-approved course.  This course teaches laboratory and clinical experience to achieve competence in the various protocols used in the application of pit and fissure sealants.  After completion, graduates will receive a certificate in Pit and Fissure Sealants.

Coronal Polishing

The Coronal Polishing course is a Dental Board-approved course designed to teach students coronal polishing techniques. After completing this course, graduates will earn a certificate in Coronal Polishing.

Ultrasonic Scaling

The Ultrasonic Scaling course is a Dental Board-approved course.  The course teaches the removal of excess cement from coronal surfaces of teeth under orthodontic treatment by means of an ultrasonic scaler.  Upon completion, graduates will receive a certificate in Ultrasonic Scaling.

RDA Written Exam Review Course

This course prepares students for the RDA written exam.  The course includes review materials and an in-depth review of the Dental Board of California RDA exam.


If I take a Continuing Education course, can I put on my resume that I'm "Indigo Trained"?

Unfortunately, no. We reserve the use of the trademark “Indigo Trained” or “Indigo Certified” for only those students who have taken Indigo’s comprehensive Dental Assisting and Dental Administration courses and have passed our rigorous assessments. That said, students who pass our CE courses can say they have been awarded a “Dental Board-approved certificate.”

Students accepted into our highly competitive programs receive:

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